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Company Law

In this field the law office deals with all legal issues which may arise, beginning with the establishment of a company, through its potential reorganization and up to its possible liquidation.

In this context we advise in particular on:

  • Selection of the legal form of enterprise
  • Drafting of articles of association and statutes
  • Preparation and guidance of shareholder and general meetings
  • Negotiation and design of complex contract for the purchase of company shares
  • Restructuring of existing companies (e.g. company acquisition, sale of company shares, measures to be taken in accordance with the Umwandlungsgesetz (Conversions Act), etc.)
  • Solution of internal company conflicts
  • Legal questions arising in connection with the succession of a company or an entrepreneur

In addition to legal counselling the law office can resort to the experience gained by several of its members as managers or partners of companies.

Company Law