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Contract Law

Since this law firm was founded, one of our main areas of activity lies in the area of contract law. We have an extensive wealth of experience in dealing with the negotiation, structure and examination of contracts at out disposal, and this in almost all legal areas.

In particular we have intensely dealt with:

  • Corporation agreements
  • Sponsoring agreements
  • Advertising contracts
  • Contracts in the area of copyright and related rights
  • Distribution contract (in the television sector)
  • Follow-up agreements
  • Licensing agreements
  • Framework contracts
  • Use agreements
  • Merchandising agreements
  • Contracts for managing directors and board members
  • Articles of association
  • IT contracts
  • Naming rights agreements
  • TV contracts
  • Trademark licensing agreements
  • Production agreements
  • Contracts for special types of advertising in the TV sector
  • Contracts for TV productions and TV shows
  • Film production agreements
  • Rental agreements
  • Purchase agreements and work contracts
Contract Law