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Media Law

The law office has made a name for itself as a competent adviser to the media business, in particular the television and sound broadcasting sector as well as the representation of magazine and newspaper publishing companies.

Our clients have confidence in our expertise in the fields of:

  • The law of public and private radio and television promoters and providers (e.g. granting of radio licences)
  • Telecommunication law
  • Copyright law, including licence agreement law
  • Press law
  • Publishing law
  • Protection of children and young persons
  • Website protection
  • Domain name protection
  • Drafting of Terms and Conditions
  • Evaluation of the admissibility of advertisements and special types of advertising in the TV sector
  • Development of formulation aids for legislative proposals, e.g. the Bavarian media law and inner-state broadcasting agreement
  • Defence against threatened licence withdrawals based on media law, e.g. because of an accusation of surreptitious advertising
  • Legal disputes, negotiations and other proceedings with institutions, associations, collecting societies in the area of media law (e.g BLM, GEMA, VG-Media, VGL, VG-Wort, VPRT, ANGA)

Among our clients we have cable network operators, publishing houses, agencies, producers, content providers, providers of internet portals, companies from the areas of new media and the entertainment industry as well as from the computer industry. Here legal questions are raised concerning in particular with relation to license and use agreements, the internet and other multimedia technologies, as well as in relation to the preparation and realization of major events.

Media Law