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Press Law

For many years, clients have put there trust in us when it comes to the area of press law. In a time, in which reporting is becoming ever faster and more extensive, everything depends on dealing with it in a professional manner and to respond immediately, also legally.

Our activities especially cover the areas of:

  • Enforcement and implementation of claims in relation to press law, in particular those regarding injunctions, rectifications, opposing points of view and damages, out-of-court as well as before court
  • Legal examination of newspaper and magazine articles, on the internet and other publications
  • Legal examination of other printed works, in particular books or pre-prints of books
  • Assessment of the legitimacy of report in the TV sector
  • Defence against unauthorized warnings of affected people and businesses, defence against injunction, rectification and opposing point of view claims
  • Representation before the responsible courts (Press chambers)
  • Other advice and representation of businesses and individuals with regard to press law
Press Law