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Law Office

Our law office focuses on traditional commercial law. The main areas of our work lie in commercial and corporate law just as much as in media and press law, sports law, competition law or labour law. In addition we are also active in the areas of contract law, family and inheritance law, club law, intellectual property law, gambling law as well as building law.

We serve our clients in a comprehensive manner, in complex matters also in a team and in coordination with one of our partners. The out-of-court advice, under which the drafting or checking of general terms and conditions, or the preparation and performance of contract negotiations fall for example, belong to our services just as much as the representation of our clients before courts and authorities.

Thanks to many years of collaboration our partnership has developed extremely good contacts with notaries, auditors, tax and management-consultants as well as patent attorneys. This allows us to solve problems in an interdisciplinary manner, even beyond questions of a legal nature.

Some of our clients include medium-sized enterprises; stock market oriented enterprises, traders and small businesses as well as private individuals.

The services of our law office do not only cover the law of the Federal Republic of Germany but also the law of the European Union and – in close cooperation with foreign colleagues – laws of the neighbouring European countries (in particular those of Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France and the United Kingdom).

Our law office is located at Olympiapark in close distance to Mittlerer Ring. You are always welcome to pay us a visit and appointments can be made at short notice. It goes without saying that if requested, we will also travel to our clients.

Out distinguishing criteria is optimal service

We are accustomed to solve extensive problems prompt and professionally. In so doing, the satisfaction and goals of our clients are of utmost priority. Likewise, it goes without saying that our lawyers are (constantly) available for our clients (around the clock).